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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 26, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning to you. live look outside right now. it is tuesday, february 26th. not too bad out there right now. could get interesting later on today. we want to start off talking about a massive winter storm that is causing problems for many parts of the country this morning. the national father's day has been mobilized to help rescue stranded drivers in some of the hardest hit areas in the texas panhandle where some spots saw up to a foot of snow. storm is blamed for at least two deaths so far. more heavy snow was expected in kansas overnight. >> they keep getting hit and
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hit. >> they can't catch a break. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get a quick look at our weather and see what we can expect. >> good morning. we've got some rain on the way. not so much for the morning commute but later on in the day. i think about 11:00, 12:00, rain starts to move n in you look well out to the west, out towards kansas city, that is where we're seeing some heavy snow. you might notice flashing. lots of lightning, thunder, very active system. it will drag rain into the washington area a little later this afternoon. i think your morning commute will be just fine. next several hours will be dry. definitely bring an umbrella. we are pretty much guaranteed rain by afternoon. there is your floodwatch issued
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for counties in central maryland and includes washington, d.c. and baltimore. the thinking is we could have some urban flooding. looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain. we have a winter weather advisory for areas out to the west. we'll have more details on and this we'll look at the weather in just a minute. a minute. back to you guys. >> in our other top stories, three days and counting before massive budget cuts take effect. the first to feel the sting would be you be employed americans at local governments. the jobless could see $300 weekly checks reduced by $30. president obama is calling on lawmakers to work together and strike a deal in time. a judge declared a mistrial in the mother-daughter case in prince george's county. jason scott will have to be retried this fall for the deaths of dolores and ebony
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dewitt. their charred bodies were found in the trunk of a stolen car in 2009. the judge ruled a mistrial because of a technicality. a call for action. hundreds of concerned parents and residents in prince george's county are coming together to end the violent they say is killing innocent children. a meeting was hosted by radio one last night calling it a state of emergency. it comes after six prince george's county school students have been murdered since the beginning of the school year. community leaders say they are ready to work with parents to create a safer environment. we were talking about the sequestration countdown just a minute ago. we are closing in on another big event. pope benedict resigns on thursday. there has been a change to speed up the process of choosing his successor. we have more in this report. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi signed a special legal document today clearing the way for cardinals to move up the start date of a conclave once the
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papal seat is vacated. the normal 15-day transition period to start the process to choose a new point was set in 1996 by pope john paul ii and could only be changed by another pope. it was one of pope benedict's last official acts before stepping down thursday. no date has been set for the conclave to begin. >> we can expect that meeting to take place before march 1st. and we have no other information until the cardinals decide in the general congregation when the conclave will come. >> reporter: the date change comes amid the news that there will be one less cardinal voting in the conclave. cardinal keith o'brien of scotland is retiring and will not be attending. his resignation as archbishop of st. andrew's was required because he is 75 years old but
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it comes amid allegations that he was accused of acting inappropriately with four priests. he said he will not attend the conclave because he does not want media attention focused on him during this most important session in rome. in order to have a new pope by the start of holy week on march 24th, the new pope would have to be installed by sunday, march 17th. in new york, lauren green, fox news. good morning. it is 4:30 on this tuesday, february 26th, 2013. taking a live look at the reagan national airport. hopefully, nothing too bumpy when it comes to flights today, at least not out of this area. but if you are heading out in the midwest, they are getting hammered with that snow out there. >> ridiculous. >> it has been a mess. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. not compared to the midwest
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here but we have our own set of unique challenges. >> things will get plenty wet later today. could be dealing with heavy rain and wintry mix. we have some action. not talk about a blizzard around here. >> thankfully. >> the morning commute will be dry. i think by the noon hour we'll start to see the rain move in. 33 at reagan national. 29 at dulles. out to the west, you can deal with a wintry mix here at the onset. that would be primarily freezing rain and sleet. you saw the numbers below freezing at dulles and bwi marshall. the area of low pressure is pushing up in the great lakes and it will drag a warm front and then a cold front and a lot of moisture new the area so the potential is out there no maybe
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one or two inches of rain. that would be more rain we've seen the entire month. it would be a god soaking rain later today. 45 your daytime high. it will be chilly. 43 in annapolis. upper 30s to the north and west. so a chilly rain in forecast for most of us today. >> time to get our first look at the morning traffic and julie wright. >> good morning. unfortunately, off to a rocky start the crash which occurred around 11:00 last night. this one involved a tractor- trailer which took out about 100 feet of sound barrier wall. there was a hazmat team called to the scene and a reconstruction team as well. a lot of activity on the inner loop ever the beltway head south coming from greenbelt headed out towards andrews. traffic gets by using the two left lanes on the inner loop of the beltway. the outer loop, all lanes are open actually lot of clean-up activity on the inner loop of
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the beltway with the two left lanes squeezing by south of the baltimore-washington parkway. other side of town, not as busy. southbound on 270, quiet start leaving 109 through clerks bargain. lanes are open in virginia as you travel eastbound along 66 coming out of manassas. height traffic volume northbound on i-95 leaving newington headed up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. new this morning, a hot air balloon crashes in egypt killing 18 tourists. this happened near the famous city of luxor. so far, the dead include french and british tourists among others. officials say there was a fire and an explosion and the balloon plunged from the sky t crashed into a field of sugar cane about 320 miles south of cairo. developing this morning, the major budget battle continues on capitol hill as lawmakers now have just three days to strike a deal to prevent sequestration. >> president obama is meeting
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with top senate republicans, john mccain and lipped say graham today to discuss immigration reform. however, the possibility has been raised that sequestration will be discussed as well f budget cuts do not kick in on friday, the unemployed and local governments will be the first to take a hit. long-term unemployed people could see their weekly checks decrisis by $30. both sides are calling on each other to do something soon. >> congress is poised to allow a series of arbitrary, automatic budget cuts to kick in that will slow our economy, eliminate good jobs and leave a lot of folks who are already pretty thinly stretched scrambling to figure out what to do. these cuts do not have to happen. >> it is time to cut spending here in washington. the president was serious, he would sit down with harry reid and begin to address our
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problems. >> we will talk to local lawmakers, congressman rob whitman of virginia and congressman chris van hollen of maryland with their perspective on the likelihood of a deal being done on time. the man accused in the mother-daughter murders are in prince george's county will have to be retried. a judge declared a mistrial in the case against jason scott on a technicality. the bodies of dolores and ebony dewitt were found in the trunk of a stolen, burned out car in october of 2009. the retrial is set to tart in october. also in this morning's top stories, d.c. police are asking everyone to take a look at newly released surveillance video in hope of solving a deadly hit and run t shows a vehicle police believe was involved in the incident. it happened in the 100 block of m treat northwest.
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20-year-old darnell christopher ross was killed. if you have any information in this case, please call d.c. police. more action could come soon to move gun control reform forward. we'll tell what you congress is considering now. >> it is a case that continues to set off controversy and still has many unanswered questions. today marks one year since trayvon martin was shot and killed. details on where the case stands today. we'll be back. 
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 this is my friend diane. she's played by the rules her whole life. but then the rules flew right out the window. having just lost her husband, she stepped up and adopted her three grandkids, while working full time and caring for her brother, eddie, with cerebral palsy. i get the three children up. i walk andrew at eight i drop olivia off at eight thirty. spend a few minutes at emilio's school. i stop at the grocery store, and then i might do some laundry that has to be done. and then i have about five minutes. the baby sitter comes in and then i go to work. i'm not back home again until 11:30 at night. hard as she works, it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills and stay warm at night. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like diane's.
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i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm this winter, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! welcome back. today marks one year since trayvon martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch man named george zimmerman. zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder and is expected to stand trial beginning in june. he claims he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense asking on florida's stand your ground law. case parked national attention including outrange from many civil rights leaders who say race played a key role in zimmer map's decision to shoot the 17-year-old. the push to curb gun
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violence in our country continues and plans to write a bill could begin in the next few weeks. a bill could also increase federal penalties for illegal gun trafficking. the proposals reflect president obama's plan for reducing gun violence, one that has been strongly opposed by gun rights advocates including some republicans. secretary of state john kerry is in berlin this morning on the second stop of his first trip abroad and now it appears he will sit down with syrian rebels when he gets to rome. they are agreeing to the meeting after the u.s. and britain promised more aid to syria. in london yesterday, kerry said no weapons will be given for the rebels. >> what i can tell you is we are determined that the syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind wondering where the support is or if it is coming and we are determined to change the calculation on the ground for president assad. >> new talks on iranance
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nuclear program are beginning this morning and kerry says the window for a diplomatic solution is still open but it cannot remain open forever. political gridlock in italy after national elections produced no clear winner and global stock markets are taking this morning. stocks started dropping as the exit polls started to come n the center left looks like it won in the house of parliament but the conservatives are making a comeback in the senate despite his charges of tax evasion and cavorting with prostitutes. whether the aids epidemic surfaced, he was a familiar face. >> we are remembering the life of dr. c. everett koop. >> he want to bring an umbrella here. we have a floodwatch for the
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district for later today. maybe a little wintry mix out to the west as well. i'll have the details on your weather forecast and julie will take a look at your traffic as well coming up in just a moment. ♪
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south dr. c. everett coop has died. he became a household name with his anticipate-smoking crew seed but he spoke out on
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controversial issues like abortion, drugs and aids. >> people with aids need a helping hand, reading, running errands, the little everyday things that we take to granted become almost impossible to do. >> that is dr. koop in a psa with actor johnny depp. he served as surge object general from 1981 to 1989. -- he served as surgeon general from 1981 to 1989. a cold start to your day again today. we'll have some stuff moving in. we'll have a little bit of our own weather. an active day. to won't be what we're dealing with out to the west. we have a little mix of everything. our viewers might get a wintry
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mix. maybe a period of heavy rain this afternoon so you know. >> just feels like spring. >> does it? >> it is raining. it is sunny but the temperature aren't there yet. >> we haven't had a lot of snow. >> so let's just move on. declare it is spring now. >> we have the word here at the desk. bets a low to the temperatures. 33 at reagan national. and annapolis, 32 degrees. i'm just looking. looks like most of the area here has dipped below freezing again this morning. 30 in leonardtown. lots of 20s out to the west. remember the set-up last friday where we were slow to budge these temperatures during the day on friday and we're dealing with a wintry mix. we will likely enduring that again today. there is a winter weather advisory for parts of the area here. our western neighbors as we are looking at that potential. 33 as mentioned in washington. highs today, low to mid-40s. these temperatures will be slow to budge. i think most of the work there as far as the afternoon temperatures will occur later today as we get a big surge of warm air. lots of clouds out there at the
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moment. here come the rain showers and again, we are likely to see that wintry mix right up along the spine of the appear lynne cheneyians here as temperatures will remain on the colder side. -- of the appalachians here as temperatures well remain on the colder side. the winds will pick up out of the east as this storm system passes on through. heavy snow out to the west of st. louis. you can see it out into kansas city. blizzard conditions out there. we'll be talking about that for days and again, moat of that energy moving on through. by tomorrow, we'll be dealing with just a few showers. we'll get you out to the of here later today. all right. looks like a bowl of fruit loops out there this morning, a little bit of everything. the green you see is a floodwatch. it includes washington and baltimore. hagerstown and washington county, front royal, martinsburg, you have that
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winter weather advisory. could be i aperiod of sleet and freezing rain and a winter storm warning for western maryland where we are more likely to see a prolonged period. 4 5, cloudy skies, rain, sleet developing by noon and then tonight, not as cold overnight. 42 your overnight low. we have to keep the clouds around the. breezy and mild with winds out of the east at 10 to 15. here is your accu-weather saved. warming up to upper 50s with a few showers around. could be a few rain and-or snow showers. these temperatures about 10 degrees below normal. right now, sunshine with cool temperatures this weekend. that's weather. let's do some traffic and a great big good morning to julie wright. >> good morning, tucker barnes. a very busy morning out here on the roads. here, we have some pictures from the scene of this crash which occurred back in the 11:00 hour. inner loop of the beltway south of the baltimore-washington parkway near the good luck road overpass, this tractor-trailer flipped over. as you can see here in the distance, it took out about 100
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feet of the sound barrier wall. so there is a lot of clean-up that is happening right now as we speak. there was a hazmat team called to the scene, a reconstruction team. the driver of this truck had to be extracted from the vehicle. traffic squeezes by using the two left lanes only. delays very minimal at this point as you travel off the inner loop of the beltway. inner loop with veryling delay headed south from the baltimore- washington parkway trying to get past this scene as clean-up continues off the inner loop of the the beltway headed out towards landover from greenbelt. we'll show you what else is happening in the district this is where we have yet another overturned truck and this has closeed a portion of the suitland parkway for those continuing downtown between first sterling and stanton road. overturned truck occurred before we started the show this morning. 295 remains open for business. no problems to report inbound on pennsylvania avenue headed
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out to the sousa bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. a major break in the murder of an 1-year-old shot and killed last year as he walked to school. monday, prince george's county police announced an arrest in the case. fox 5's paul wagner has more on this. >> reporter: when marquel ross started out for school on the morning of september 11th, he left the house with an ipod his mother says he would listen to on the two-mile walk up central avenue. a digital music player that may have cost the teen his life. >> marquel said if somebody tried to rob him, he wasn't giving his stuff up. >> reporter: police say before the gunfire, there was a confrontation on the street that morning and nothing was taken. but it wasn't until several people were robbed and one person shot on october 31st in capital heights that investigators got their break. >> patrol officers responded to the scene, put out the lookout. there were three defendants stopped in the area. they were quickly identified in
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the october 31st robbery. >> reporter: prince george's county police say one of the three was trayvon bennett who investigators believe was alone when he killed marquel ross. >> sometimes i don't think they realize what they're doing. they kill and they rob for tennis shoes, cell phones, everything. half the time these kids on drugs, i believe. something is wrong with them. but he took an innocent person's life. he may feel bad about it. >> reporter: elizabeth says marquel loved to dance, run track and even model. >> he said i'm going to be old and not living with you. he always had big dreams. >> reporter: dreams that died at the hands of the man with the gun. marquel ross was killed a little over two week after amber stanley was shot inside her home, two troubling murders that left a community on edge
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and in fear. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. prince george's county police announced an arrest on machine in another high profile murder case. 71-year-old geraldine mcintyre was killed in her home earlier this month. police believe the corks james alfonso ward, kill mcentire while burglarizing her home. police say mcuntire may have been helping ward by giving him food. dna evidence can play a crucial role in solving crimes. today, the nation's highest court will decide to a controversial proposal on how to go about collecting it. you probably heard about 3- d printers. details about what they are doing now. it could change people's lives. 
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new this morning, the u.s. supreme court takes up the
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question of dna sampling to help involve crimes. the justices will hear arguments from maryland officials who want police to be allowed to take dna samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted. twenty-eight states and the federal government do this type of sampling. privacy advocates claim this is unconstitutional. the justices will make a final decision in the case later this year. science fiction is becoming a real medical miracle at cornell university. professor larry bonisar and his students developed a 3-d printing method to make a precisely modeled replacement ear. the lab uses a form of ink but their ink is alive. the gel used in printing the ears has living cells in it. it can be directly implanted into a patient or even grown in an incubator until it gets implanted. >> the reason that an ear is a really good demonstration of this kind of technology is because it has a very complicated shape, that it has
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kind of complicated mechanics as well. your ear is remarkably durable and flexible but still stiff enough to hold its shape. >> the professor says 3-d biomedical printing is still being evaluated but could move into the mainstream very quickly. isn't that bizarre? the ink is alie. too much for 4:30 in the morning. >> i can't even comprehend how that even -- >> advancements in technology -- the ink is alive. a free movie here, a song there, if you are doing the downloads illegally, chances are you may be put on notice soon. p next. 
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internet users who are illegally sharing music, movies or television shows are going
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to receive warning notices. the copyright alert system is being activated. under the system, fist major internet providers including verdict rise on and at&t will notify customers engaging in piracy. people will be given up to six chances to stop illegal file sharing before providers will take more drastic steps like slowing a customer's connection. >> they are tracking down. >> going hard core. >> what do you do on the internet? it may say a lot about you. >> there are growing concerns that what you click on in the privacy of your own home is not so private anymore. doug mcelway explains. >> reporter: the founding fathers could not have imagined google but they meeting dismayed about how the internet giant shares private information with law enforcement. >> we've seen a 136% increase in government requests for user data issued to google in the criminal context. >> reporter: that revealing admission from a google lawyer who says that in 2012 alone, the company received over
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13,000 requests from government agencies to search through its user data. for many, that flies into the face of the fourth amendment which says, quote, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against enreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. >> all of these things deserve modern day protects similar to the ones that we had for mail that goes through the postal service. what i think we all want is a limit on fishing expeditions. >> reporter: right now, the online protections are weak. 6 #% of government requests for user data are through subpoenas. that means a lower legal threshhold that requires no search warrant or court order. >> there are certainly circumstances where we do push back on those requests but when law enforcement entities make legitimate requests under existing law, as a law abiding company, we have to provide that data.


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